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DreamHost Coupon CodesI have some of the highest value coupons on the market, including a DreamHost coupon for $61 off for your first year. While it’s a little disappointing that this promo code will only work for the first year, it’s still awesome!

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DreamHost was founded back in 1997 by four Californian undergraduates who studied computer science. Over the past few years, the company has grown. Their office now has about 50 regular staff overseeing about 500,000 domains hosted. Their company growth over the past decade and a half has not compromised their overall goal, which is customer oriented service. DreamHost boasts of their loyal customer base. They like to keep in touch with their clients with monthly newsletters and their company blog. This results in almost 100% transparency with the company, letting their customers know if every anything is wrong.
Features and Pricing

DreamHost offers four web hosting plans with varying levels price ranges, each with different features, disk space, bandwidth quotas, etc. The highest level plan with DreamHost provides an impressive provides an above average 200GB of disk space and 2000GB (or 2 Terabytes) of data per month for only $5.80. Customers can also make use of helpful coupon codes found on different coupon DreamHost review websites. The space as well as the bandwidth allocated, interestingly enough, grows each week. This is some sort of loyalty program that encourages clients to stick with the web host. There are also valid discounts for those who avail of plans for one or two years.

Control Panel

DreamHost has their own custom admin written panel, which is very unusual since most web hosts have off-the-shelf commercial products that they integrate, with cPanel being the most common. While most people who are coming out of other hosts might find this panel strange, it actually offers a high level of functionality and it is fairly easy to use. The guys behind DreamHost weren’t kidding when they said their goal was to be customer focused. You will be able to manage everything you need to from your account billing to creating email accounts. DreamHost also provides full shell access that is available for all accounts, suitable for those who like to get things done manually.
Scripting Support

All DreamHost packages and plans support the whole gamut of different server-side script languages. You can use PHP4, PHP5, CGI, Perl, Python and Ruby / Ruby-On-Rails – whatever you might fancy. Custom .htaccess is available on a sub-domain basis, while SSH and Telnet or full shell access is available on all accounts, no matter what level. The DreamHost admin panel provides clients with additional ease-of-access, giving them a one-click-install option for all upgrades on various scripts. The popular ones include WordPress, Joomla, phpbb, Gallery2 and MediaWiki.


This web host has a long reputation for being on of the most reliable hosts around. Many clients who come from different hosts complain about long interruptions, servers going off-line and a lot of problems causing websites to be unreachable. Fortunately, if ever a problem does arise, DreamHost informs all their clients through their blog of monthly newsletter. They even go to the extent of explaining what exactly went wrong and how they are going to fix the problem. Some host downtime is due to planned website maintenance which is announced in advance so that customers will know when their site might be unreachable.

Technical Support

All questions which are directed to technical support are answered through tickets which are sent via the admin panel. While most queries are answered promptly, there are times when it could take a bit longer. The usual wait period is less than 12 hours. However, it is possible to receive an answer after 36 hours, if the problem cannot be be resolved right away. The DreamHost staff answers all queries in a friendly and professional manner. The DreamHost blog claims that they are hiring additional people on their support staff team, which probably means that the response time for requests and queries will be shorter in the future.

The Verdict

Overall, getting a DreamHost web plan offers value for money only if you use one of the above DreamHost coupon codes. Although it is not the cheapest website around, the level of support and the features that come with each package are excellent. The amount of bandwidth per month is enough, even for those who run more complicated and busier websites which requires more space. According to other DreamHost review websites, the only problem is that the host has a bit more planned maintenance days scheduled as compared to other hosts. However, this type of maintenance does seem to prevent unplanned downtime, making it one of the most reliable hosts.

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