• Choosing-a-Domain-Name

    Choosing a Domain Name

    What should be the domain name of my site? Should it exactly reflect what I am selling or should I choose a generic name? And what about the TLDs (top-level domain)? Aren’t .COMs the best? These are some of the most common questions you’ll hear from beginners. If you too are wondering about them, hang […]

  • How to Choose a Niche

    How to Choose a Niche

    If there’s one area where newbies get stuck while researching for a product, it’s how to choose a niche or market to enter. They repeatedly analyze and sweat over it, rationalizing that the long time taken to find a ‘perfect’ and profitable market is well worth it. Bad strategy! Like in life, there’s no perfect […]

  • Nurturing-Good-Customer-Service

    Nurturing Good Customer Service

    When one engages in a business, he should be anticipating the use of different strategies when it comes to customer service. The lifeblood of a business lies in the provision of good customer service. Strategies may include offering promotions or slashing prices in order to keep customers coming back. This should only be the first […]

Internet Marketing

  • How to Spot Fake Affiliate Reviews

    Reviews are incredibly powerful, stronger than you might think. Many people take to the Internet to see if something is good before buying it, and they land on these pages […]

    Learn Programming To Set Up A Site

      Programming has long been accepted as the foundation of software creation, hardware integration and the basic building block of allowing a user to interface with his/her computer. There are […]

    Lead Generation Affiliate Marketing

    One of the most lucrative forms of affiliate marketing online that’s somewhat overlooked by many marketers, is lead generation. Lead generation is where you set up an information based website […]

    What is SEO?

    SEO stands for search engine optimization and is used for increasing the search engine ranking of a website. This means that when a user types in a relevant query on […]

  • What is Google Penguin?

    Google created the code name “Google Penguin” for a Google algorithm that came out in spring 2012. This creatively named algorithm was made to limit certain search results from coming […]

    What is Google Panda?

    Google is one the world’s leading Internet search engine sites designed to organize information on the internet into usable data with specific keywords. It is very similar to finding information […]

    Start An Online Business

    People always ask, why an online business? Isn’t a traditional brick and mortar company better? More secure? And what do you mean by Internet Marketing? Or my favorite one: is […]

    How To Start An Online Business

    Imagine sipping on a Piña Colada on a pristine beach in the Caribbean while working on your business. Or getting up at your time and working from the bedroom in […]

  • Tips to Choose a Merchant Account

    So you’ve created a product in a profitable market, set up a site with good content and design and have your marketing strategy in place. Cool! Now before you even […]